T h e  B i b l e  !
 Recognize first the Bible


The Bible is a book composed of books written by the Old Testament prophets and the books of the apostles of the New Testament, all of which have been compiled into a single book. The authors of these books are the chosen people of God Himself, whom He has inspired to write those books for us. "God has communicated with man by His Spirit, then the divine light has been given to the world by revelations to His chosen servants. The saints of God speak because they are controlled by the Holy Spirit." - 2 Peter 1 : 21." - Great Controversy, p. (v). Thus says the servant of God Mrs. White.

It should be known that God has used His chosen prophets during the Old Testament period, and so also during the New Testament period more than one apostle has He called to write for us. Thus, in the New Testament period, the apostle Matthew was known as the author of the first New Testament scripture, while the apostle John was known as the last New Testament writer of the Bible in the year 96 AD with his mysterious book of Revelation. In the meantime the apostle Matthew says: "For all the prophets and the law (the ceremonial law of Moses) prophesied until John.” - Matthew 11 : 13.

That is, since John was well known of his service to have baptized Jesus in the Jordan river in the year 27, which is also the last frontier for the Old Testament prophets and the ceremonial law of Moses to have their prophecies written in the Old Testament.
And finally the Lord God re-employs prophets of the end times according to those prophesied to Amos 3: 7 to reveal all those secret things of both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament for us. The Servant of the Lord Mrs. White went on to say :                                 

"During the first twenty-five years of human history, there was no written revelation. Those who had been taught of God, communicated their knowledge to others, and it was handed down from father to son, through successive generations. The preparation of the written word began in the time of Moses. Inspired revelation were then embodied in an inspired book. This work continued during the long period of sixteen hundred years --- from Moses, the historian of creation and the Law, to John, the recorder of the most sublime truths of the gospel.” ---  Great Controversy, p. (v).

Prophet Moses is known as author of his first five books: GENESIS, EXODUS, LEVITICUS, NUMBERS and DEUTERONOMY. The entire writings of the Bible took about 1,600 years, beginning with the book of GENESIS in the Old Testament up to the book of REVELATION by apostle John in the New Testament. Since the writing of the book of REVELATION is known to have accomplished in the year 96, then the writing of the books of Moses would have started ever since the year (1600 years - 96 years) = 1504 years Before Christ.   

And then since during the first 25 hundred years of human history there has not been any written revelation, it means that human history begins in  (2500 years + 1504 years) = 4004 years BC.  This is the first year in which Adam and Eve as our first ancestors were created by the Lord God on this earth.                      

During the first 2500 years of human history
there were not as yet found any written Law of God

Due to the fact that Adam and Eve had sinned shortly after living in their exquisite Eden home, this proved that they had been equipped from the beginning with a complete set of God ‘s Basic Law of the Ten Commandments and its rules of implementation. Even though they have not been given to them in writing.

Sin = the transgression of the law. Though the law of God was not as yet available in writing, however, due to their much higher and greatness physically, and their heads of more vast cavity, it is sufficient to accommodate the Ten Commandments of the Law of God and all its rules of implementation that have been revealed at that time. Even up to the FLOOD disaster that occurred after more than 1,600 years later, N O A H and all of his descendants were able to accommodate all the revealed laws of God up to that time in their memories.


The Ten Commandments of the Basic Law or the Constitution have been written since the time of Moses in 1504 BC. While the cases revealed continue on and on until the end of the world today. Then  the benefits, the benefits of all those revealed later, even at any time in the future, belong to the people who are to have all the rules of implementation of the Basic law taken into their practical religion of this time of the end.  

Old Testament and New Testament

A Testament means a Written Agreement. About the testament itself Jesus had ever said in the following words :
"And when He had given thanks, He brake it and said, Take, eat: This is My body which is broken for you : this do in remembrance of Me. After the same manner also He took the cup, when He had supped, saying, This cup is the new Testament In My blood : this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of Me. For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord’s death till he come.” ---- 1 Corinthians 11 : 24 - 26.

The words of Jesus above were spoken only about one or two days before His death at Golgotha, in 31 AD. "This cup is a New Testament in My blood," He said. Thus all Christians should have understood, that if the Cup-containing Grape represents THE NEW TESTAMENT in the blood of Jesus, then all the ceremonial sacrifices of the lambs during the Old Testament should have been called : THE OLD TESTAMMENT in the blood of the lamb.

We all understand, that as soon as Adam and Eve sinned, they were then expelled from E D E N their beautiful home. And from that day on they should have to die as required in the Law. But it turns out that they did not die, because God the Father and Jesus had planned the atonement for their previous sins, even all the sins of all men and women of this earth. That is, Jesus himself will bear the death penalty on this earth for all the sinners.

Thus, a Written Testament has been made for all of God's people on this earth, that Jesus will allow Himself to be killed on earth replacing all repentant sinners, who are no longer to repeat their unlawful acts. The will was recorded as an Old Testament, and it must be practiced repeatedly by offering a lamb sacrificed on an altar. The blood of a lamb in the Old Testament as an example, which will be fulfilled by Jesus' own blood as the Lamb of God poured out on the Golgotha hill in 31 AD. Thus, then, in His first and the last Holy Communion with His disciples, He said: THIS CUP IS THE NEW TESTAMENT IN MY BLOOD.  DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME.  

The Prophets and the Ceremonial Law did Prophesy


Mrs. Ellen G. White says:

"Each of the ancient prophets spoke less for their own time than for ours so that their prophesying is in force for us.” --- 3 Selected Messages, p. 338.

From the fact that during the history of the New Testament up to the history of the Philadelphian Church of William Miller no single prophecy has ever been revealed, we must  understand that it is unavoidably in this time of the end, from the beginning of the Laodicean Church of Seventh day Adventists in 1844 the prophecies of the Bible must be revealed to the end time prophets of those mentioned in the prophesy of Amos 3 : 7. And the result would be none other than THE END TIME TESTAMENT, which is now popularly known by the name: THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY of Revelation 19 : 10, to be the rules of implementation of the Basic Law which is a collection of rules of implementation of the Basic Law of the Ten Commandments  specifically provided for all the people of the end of time only.

One of the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets that really apply to us is the prophecy of Zechariah chapter 4. And the ceremonial law of Moses that ever did prophesy should be found in the book of Bro. Victor T. Houteff by the name :  THE JUDGMENT AND THE HARVEST.

Study the Bible according to the procedure
In the Zechariah Prophecy chapter 4


In the Zechariah prophecy chapter 4 the Old and the New Testaments have been symbolized by two olive trees standing on the left and on the right side of a candlestick. On the candlestick there is a golden bowl associated with the candlestick under it through several small pipes.

View the image ! Since this prophecy encounters the fullness of its history at the end of the present age, it is clear that the Bible should have been fully interpreted into the golden bow which represents the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY by the END TIME prophets of Mrs. White and Bro. Victor T. Houteff, as those prophesied in the book of Amos 3 : 7. These two servants of God are symbolized by the two golden pipes. It should be noted, then, that since this prophecy finds its fullness today, the candlesticks should unavoidably represent our Laodicean Church of SDA. And the little pipes that drain the golden oil from the golden bowl on the top of it into the candlestick beneath, it should necessarily symbolize the evangelists, pastors and teachers of the Laodicean Church of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, and not from Seventh day Adventist Church, because at this time the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY is no longer taught in the Adventist churches around the world.

ATTENTION: THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY mentioned above is not the Spirit of Prophecy of the third angel's message of Revelation chapter 14, but is intended to the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY of the prophecy of Revelation 19 : 10, which is the combination of the third angel's message of Revelation 14 of Mrs. White and the angelic message of Revelation 18: 1 of Brother Houteff, that is to enlighten the whole earth until the end of time of probation in the year 2031. Thus is spoken by Mrs. White in her book Early Writings, p. 277.

The Bible as Rules of
Implementation of the Basic Law of God

Speaking of the Law, one should know that it will consist of a Constitution or a Basic Law and a variety of common laws, which are useful as the rules of implementation for the Constitution. The Constitution of the Kingdom of heaven is eternal and permanent, whereas the rules of implementation are changeable. Thus, the Bible that had been written ever since the beginning by Moses in 1504 BC has to fulfill the words of Prophet Moses below :


That is, all things that have been revealed both in the Old Testament, in the New Testament, and in the End Time Testament or the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, all of them serve as rules of implementation of the Basic Law of the Ten Commandments.  
Because Adam and Eve as our first ancestors had sinned and had to experience eternal death on this earth, but due to the great love of God on all of us, HE has granted His only Son Jesus to bear the punishment of death for us. Thereby we know, that Jesus Himself has provided us with those rules of implementation of the law in the books of the Testaments. Read and study thoroughly the BOOKS of the TESTAMENTS, then obey, for without repentance there will be no forgiveness of sins.

In the current trial of the Heavenly Judgment in the sanctuary above, since October 22, 1844, all the people of Moses' day will be judged for their obedience based on the Basic Law of the Ten Commandments and all the rules of implementation of them in the OLD TESTAMENT BOOK. All the apostles and their followers will be judged based on the BASIC LAW and all the rules of implementation in the BOOKS OF THE OLD AND THE NEW TESTAMENT, and for all of us today of this time of the ends, especially the people of the Laodicean Church, we shall be judged on the basis of the BASIC LAW and its various rules of implementation in the END TIME TESTAMENT OF THE FINAL BOOK, which is THE SPIRIT OF THE PROPHECY.

Thus, all the Laodiceans who had not as yet known as well as not as yet obeyed the SPIRIT OF  PROPHECY, they would be the ones of whom Mrs. White said :  “Many of those whose names are registered on the Church books are not Christians.” --- Review & Herald, May 21, 1901.

“There are many ministers who have never been converted. . . . Review & Herald, October 8, 1898.

Similarly, as Judas Iscariot continued to follow Jesus wherever He went, but at their last supper with Jesus he had been found to be a traitor.

Blessed is h e (single) that read, and they (plural) that hear
 to the Shepherd's Rod teachers

Mrs. White said: "I N THE R E V E L A T I O N ALL THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE MEET AND END." - The acts of the Apostles, p. 585.



Since all the books of the Bible meet and end in the Book of REVELATION, then the words of apostle John above must unavoidably apply to all other books of the Bible as well. That is, every one of us is required to read alone, but for all of us to achieve the same understanding of all those we read, we also are yet to hear more again. And only thus that we shall be made to see eye to eye, to have the same mind, and to have the ability to speak the same things. The problem now is to whom shall we hear? The servant of the Lord Brother Houteff as the last prophet of this times of the end ever said :

“The Bible and the books of the Spirit of Prophecy being the sole source of the Shepherd’s Rod message, therefore, when the Rod is taught, the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy are taught. And since none but the Spirit of Truth, who transmitted the mysteries of Inspiration, can interpret them, then those who attempt to teach them without this inspired interpretational Authority, inevitably fall into the forbidden practice of private interpretation (2 Pet. 1 : 20) --- the great evil which has brought Christendom into its present almost – boundless state of schism and consequent confusion, strife, and impotency.

 “As we dare not follow in such a path, we must therefore, as teachers of The Shepherd’s Rod (the official publications of the Davidian SDA Association), teach only in the light of the Rod those passages which in one way or another need to be interpreted. Thus only will all Present Truth believers ever become of the same mind, seeing eye to eye and speaking the same things (1 Cor. 1 : 10; 1 Pet. 3 : 8; Isa. 52 : 8).“ Fundamental Beliefs of The Davidian SDA, p. 27.

Final Conclusion

The Bible contains the only known law of the kingdom of heaven on earth, consist of a Constitution or a Basic Law on the one hand and the Common Laws that contain the rules of implementation of the Basic Law or the Constitution on the other hand. The Bible itself according to its enactment will consist of an Old Testament, a New Testament, and an End Time Testament, which is now more popularly known by the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY.

Although the existence of the Bible began only since Moses wrote his books in 1504 BC and lastly known after John the Revelator finished writing his mysterious book of Revelation in AD 96, in fact however, the contents of the Testament were already known by their ancestors ever since Adam and Eve and most of their descendants ever from 2500 years before the Bible was written.

So do not think that the End Time Testament (or the Testimony of Jesus), which is THE SPIRIT OF POPHECY, which is no more proclaimed from the pulpits of SDA Churches, nor to be taught in the Sabbath Schools lessons, will no more be important as a decisive factor of salvation for our people of this time of the end.   

The angel of the Laodicean church representing the General Conference of SDA Organization    and its ministers, who have been spewed out of the mouth of Jesus in 1935 to meet the fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation 3 : 16, should no longer be relied upon, for it is no more possible for the Lord to have taken back those things spewed out of His mouth. There is no more hope for us to have the CALL FOR A SPIRITUAL REVIVAL AND REFORMATION BY Mrs. White in the Review and Herald ever since February 25, 1902 to be revived now by the angel of the Laodicean Church ahead of the sealing of the 144.000 elected saints of God in the near future to take place.


All the Testaments already discussed above are only able to function to save those who live in their enactment. Moses and his followers were saved by the completeness of the Truth that had been revealed in their day. And that is the Old Testament period of time. The apostles and all their followers during the history of the New Testament will be saved by all the rules of implementation of the laws that have been revealed up to their day of living. But for us people of the end time Testament, according to the prophecy of Zechariah chapter 4, all the Old  and the New Testaments have been revealed in the golden bowl which represents  the SPIRIT OF  PROPHECY. Therefore, realize that we are the Laodicean Church symbolized by the "candle sticks” in the prophecy of Zechariah chapter 4, it will only light up our lamps when the "golden oil" which symbolizes the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY comes directly from the Golden Bowl that symbolizes the book of the End Time Testament or THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY.